Hello to everyone. Well,I thought I would introduce myself and discuss a little of why I am here and what I looking for. The fact is I am different in many ways to other women; I have very little in common with most of them indeed. I am NOT a feminist, and I believe a woman should always be a lady when in the street and a freak in the sheets. This is why I think I possess a particular attraction to "black guys". I enjoy their company as I find them very protective and proud of who they are with. I find them to be very secure in who they are with and also protective. I am looking for leadership to a point, but also someone who will admit when they are in error and willing to make adjustments when appropriate. I am seeking a someone who is faithful, understanding, politically conservative and reasonably intelligent. I would expect him to be as hard working as I am; I work two jobs so he certainly should be able to maintain one. I do not need someone to raise; I want a man! As to me, I am above average in intelligence, exceptionally well orated, and highly educated. I am goal oriented and have little tolerance for mediocrity; average is for average people and I am above average and expect him to be as well. I am open to most things in terms in making a relationship work, and I am willing to overlook most annoyances for the right person as long was they are willing to reciprocate. I realize I am not perfect either. However, I would like someone who is as compassionate to me as I am to him. As to the issue of sex, which inevitably arises early in conversation; do not expect me to give it up without a fight. I am not easy to get into bed with and I am very picky. He must be hygienic, clean and well groomed. NO PIGS PLS! Moreover, if he wants to get in the sack with me he must first prove to me he in it for the long term. So, if you like what you see in me then prove it to me and Ill make it worth your while in time; if its instant gratification then you're wasting your time. Well, thats about all I have time for; hit me up with any questions you may have. Take care and I am waiting to hear from you.
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